Grow Kits: your wish is our command!

Hello friends and mushroom lovers of all ages!

We're officially halfway through the farmers market season, and it has been so much fun for the five of us to get to know you all when you visit us to buy your weekly bundle of mushrooms! We're honored to have become a part of your weekly menu as well as a part of the community of local farmers. 

Since day one of markets, you lovely folks have been asking us about grow kits. Well, the time is near!

We're working diligently to finalize the details, and are excited to start selling Pink Oyster grow kits and Lion's Mane grow kits in August! Many of you have already signed up to receive an email when our grow kits become available for purchase. If you haven't done so yet, message us through the chat box on the website, reach out on Instagram (@cellar.mushrooms), or email us at to let us know you're interested. We're extra pumped to be offering shipping within the U.S., so whether you're a neighbor here in Vancouver, Washington, or across the country, we've got you covered!

Have you fallen in love with our fresh, culinary mushrooms? Mushroom grow kits are a delightful way to take your relationship to the next level. Get up close and personal with the mushrooms you love to eat by watching them grow in your house! Beyond the practical appeal of a grow kit producing mushrooms you'll eat yourself, Cellar Mushrooms grow kits are also perfect for gifting -- the person who already has everything? the cool kiddo in your life who's into science? the foodie who loves fresh ingredients? the bona fide fungi enthusiast who appreciates a nice small business of five siblings-turned-mushroom-farmers? the homeschooling parent? Grow kits are for everyone!

Stay tuned for more details coming soon!


Your Cellar Mushrooms team

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