We Believe...

your health and well-being matter.

Cellar Mushrooms exists to reconnect you with traditional, medicinal food.

what you eat matters.

We take pride in growing nature’s superfood: delicious, nutrient-dense mushrooms.

where your food comes from matters.

We grow sustainably and free from chemicals, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides on our family property in Vancouver, Washington.

how we do business matters.

We’re a small, family-owned and -operated business of five siblings-turned-mushroom-farmers who love spending time together in work and play.

Meet the team

It’s so nice to meet you! We’re the Adams family.

We work as a sibling team to cultivate exceptional mushrooms, and we’d be honored for them to have a place at your table.

We’re a foodie family who loves to gather for Sunday dinner each week. We understand the huge impact real, good food can have – on your body, on your mind, on your sense of community.

In 2020, when we decided to run with the wild idea of becoming mushroom farmers, we knew we could pour our hearts into delivering all of that to you through a food that:

  • sustains your strong body.
  • optimizes your brain health.
  • connects you to a planetary lifesource.
  • offers you unlimited culinary possibilities for meals that connect you with family and friends.

In all of our grow kits, in every package of powdered Lion’s Mane, and in each pound of fresh mushrooms we tend by hand, there’s a network of strength, health, and community waiting for you.