Grow kit instructions


Remove the grow kit bag, keeping it the loose side of the bag taped as is. Use a clean, sharp knife to cut along the X, about 1” deep. Do not remove the flaps that are created by cutting the X.


With clean hands, lift the flaps of the X and use the knife to gently scrape some of the very top layer of woody material. This wakes up the mushroom mycelium. With the flaps held out of the way, slowly pour 2 tablespoons of water onto the area you just scraped.


Place your grow kit in a spot where it will get indirect sunlight during the day, and where it will be dark at night. 65-68 degrees fahrenheit will keep your mushrooms happy, but a little warmer is fine. 


Use a clean spray bottle with fresh water to spray the woody material below the X twice per day. Number of sprays will vary depending on the size of your spray bottle, but each time you spray should be about a tablespoon of water. 


Within 10 days you will begin to see mushroom growth. Continue spraying the mushrooms as they mature; they should double in size each day until ready to harvest. Use the QR code on the other side of this card to check out our photos that show what each mushroom variety should look like when it’s ready to harvest.


We’d love to see pictures or videos of your mushrooms as they grow!

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After harvesting, store your mushrooms in a paper bag in the refrigerator until you’re ready to cook them. We recommend enjoying your fresh mushrooms within 48 hours of harvest. Visit us at for tasty recipe ideas!

Full guide for growing your Cellar Mushrooms grow kit

This guide contains all the detail you need to confidently start, grow, and harvest your Cellar Mushrooms grow kit.