Lion's Mane: your tastebuds and your brain will thank you

Hello friends and mushroom maniacs! 

Today, let’s talk about one of our favorite mushroom varieties here at Cellar Mushrooms: Lion’s Mane. Lion’s Mane mushrooms are dramatic and delicious, and their striking appearance has led to nicknames such as bearded tooth fungus, monkey head, and pom pom mushroom. Not only are they eye-catching and fantastic to cook with, they also have an impressive list of potential health and cognitive benefits attributed to them.

[Before we dive in, a quick note: 
We hope you’ll enjoy learning about mushrooms as much as we do! Please know that all information shared here by Cellar Mushrooms is for educational purposes only and is not meant to provide or take the place of medical advice. It is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.] 

Widely used in Native American traditions and traditional Chinese medicine, Lion’s Mane has long been a medicinal food. 

A variety of studies have suggested Lion’s Mane may:

  • Promote increased focus, clarity, and cognition
  • Increase growth of healthy gut bacteria, which ups the activity of the intestinal immune system
  • Discourage the growth of H. Pylori, a bacteria which, in overgrowth, is a common cause of stomach ulcers
  • Protect against dementia by stimulating the growth of brain cells
  • Decrease the risk of heart disease by improving fat metabolism and lowering triglycerides
  • Improve overall mood and well-being through anti-inflammatory properties

Aside from potential health and cognitive benefits, Lion’s Mane is simply delicious. It has a firm, meaty texture, often described as similar to lobster or crab. Our team loves to use Lion’s Mane mushrooms in place of meat in tacos, stir fry, Greek spaghetti sauce, and omelets - just to name a few!

Here at Cellar Mushrooms, we’re pumped up about sharing the fascinating and wildly alive world of fungi with you. Let’s keep exploring! 


Your Cellar Mushrooms team

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