Your next movie night: Fantastic Fungi

Hello friends and fungi fans! 

If you’re ready for a beautiful, awe-inspiring documentary that examines the incredible role fungi play in our world, grab a bowl of popcorn and settle in for an absolutely lovely 80 minutes with Louie Schwartzberg’s film Fantastic Fungi: The Magic Beneath Us. It’s available to stream through Netflix, AppleTV, and Prime Video.

“When you see what mushrooms do, it’s kind of spooky in the most wonderful way. I mean, they correct everything on Earth. They support life. They convert life. They carry life. They’re remarkable beings.”
- Fantastic Fungi

Besides the breathtaking time-lapse footage of countless varieties of wild mushrooms in action, Fantastic Fungi treats viewers to the gorgeous scenery of the Pacific Northwest, home to our very own Cellar Mushrooms. The film explores the intelligence of nature; the mind-blowing, invisible role mycelium plays beneath our feet every day; and the importance of mushrooms as both food and medicine. Narrated by Brie Larson, it features, among others, Paul Stamets, mycologist extraordinaire and founder of Fungi Perfecti in Olympia, WA; Jay Harmon, biomimicry inventor; and Giuliana Furci, founder of the world’s first non-profit organization dedicated to fungi.

For us here at Cellar Mushrooms, Fantastic Fungi is exciting and motivating because it reminds us that plants and animals (including humans, of course!) have long depended on and lived in harmony with the fungi kingdom. We’re thrilled and proud to be spending our time growing a business that not only provides you with fresh and delicious food, but also contributes to the flourishing of the interconnectedness of life on this planet. 

You can check out the Fantastic Fungi trailer here.

Happy watching!


Your Cellar Mushrooms Team

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